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JMan records for next album


Acclaimed rapper Jman dropped by to April Media Productions recording studios in Plymouth to lay some tracks for his next album. 

Known for his multi-faceted style, explosive energy, unmatched live shows and some of the best Hip-Hop music to have come out of the UK in recent years, Jman has come a long way since his days of hosting small shows in the South West and even further from his days in Croydon and his Grime roots.

Hosting Dubstep raves for some of the biggest names in the scene wasn’t enough for Jman, so he began focusing on Hip-Hop. He was signed by Greasy Vinyl in 2010, fast forward a few years and a critically acclaimed debut album later and its plain to see Jman is destined for great things.

“The time spent on perfecting this album is clearly highlighted when the eleventh consecutive listen still doesn’t seem excessive’’ Wordplay Magazine.

The debut album ‘Auranography’ is available to buy from and all your favourite record stores, has received rave reviews and has sold all over the world.



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