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Kyle Coleman has his feet firmly planted in the sand at Bigbury-on-Sea

Kyle Coleman - Filming Standing on Solid Ground - Burgh Island

Autistic singer, Kyle Coleman who’s music is now reaching lands afar, sets foot on the temporary dry land of Bigbury-on-Sea to film a scene for part of his forthcoming music video for one of his songs ‘Standing on Solid Ground’.

The song is taken from his much anticipated forthcoming album which has been written for Kyle by John Carter and Caroline Coleman and is being recorded at April Media Productions recording studios in Plymouth, Devon.

Kyle, (25) from Cornwall is autistic and can barely speak a few words, but can sing! Read more about the quite remarkable Kyle Coleman, to understand why this album is something quite special and humbling! Following the quite remarkable worldwide press his debut album ‘Therefore I Am’ received, this is shaping up to be quite something and at least a world first.

It is a diverse album, and touches on different aspects of autism, yet remains very mainstream.  Producer, John Carter says ‘ We’re not trying to hammer home a ‘woe is me’ message about autism, but to educate people about how it affects people who have it, in both positive and not so positive ways. The music and lyrics are uplifting, yet extremely dark in places and take you off to another plain and give a real  insight into Kyle’s (and others) world which is at times fascinating, and this project has certainly been an education for me. That said, the key messages in the songs are mostly quite subtle, and so the songs remain relevant to everyone.  Without meaning to sound pretentious, this album is definitely a journey and not just a collection of songs, and I, for one am very excited about it’.

The music video to ‘Standing on Solid Ground’ has been filmed at a few stunning locations across the South West and is shaping up to be very dramatic (aerial flyby’s included!). It will compliment the song perfectly which is a real uplifting belter!

Filming of two other music video’s are soon to begin and the album is set for release in April 2014 to co-inside with World Autism Awareness week.

Very exciting and fun times for Kyle, and for all involved.

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