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We boast a clean and professional studio which has a relaxing atmosphere, enabling you to give your very best performance.

Our studio is fully equipped for recording individual or groups of all genres. We have an air conditioned spacious studio with natural light which can cater for even the most demanding requirements. 

Visual communication between artists and control room is a combination of direct vision (with all performance rooms facing onto one another) and 2 way CCTV links throughout the studio.


The Control Room

Control RoomSpacious comfortable air conditioned control room with natural light and plenty of room to relax.





The Live Room

600sq ft air conditioned live room with great acoustics to help you achieve the sound that you desire.





Tracking Room

Tracking RoomGenerally used for voiceovers, tracking instruments and capturing a full, punchy drum sound, this 150 sq ft room is used for a whole host of applications.

Natural daylight and a vibrant feel will get you in the best frame of mind to get your very best performance recorded.




Isolation Booth

Vocal Booth

Creating a ‘dead’ environment, this ‘anechoic’ room has been specifically designed for recording vocals and instruments where complete control over the acoustics is paramount.




Other Facilities

To make your visit more comfortable, we have the following facilities for your use.

  • Green Room
  • Kitchen
  • Hot and cold drinks
  • Outside patio area
  • Parking right outside the door
  • Catering available upon request



Local Amenities

Our studio is located close to Plymouth city centre with plenty of amenities on our doorstep.

  • Newsagent
  • Bakery
  • Pubs / Cafes / Bistro
  • Supermarket
  • Fine Indian restaurant
  • Plymouth City Centre 20 mins walk