Broadcast Quality ISDN & IP VO Recording & ADR Dubbing

Our recent clients include;

BBC, ITV, Ch4, Sky 3D, Discovery UK, Renault, Total, Ubisoft Games,, Dawn French, Alistair McGowan, Lenovo, Paddy Power, Ellen McArthur, Conrad Humphries, Angela Rippon, Seth Lakeman, Devon & Cornwall Police…

We provide professional facilities for both straight voice over recording and sound-to-picture narration, at broadcast quality and in a relaxed, spacious and friendly environment with experienced engineers.



Tony Smith - Voiceover Talent

Tony Smith – Resident Voiceover Talent

We have ISDN & IP facilities supporting all codec options with the option for self-operation, or with an engineer taking care of all levels from the control room. We can also record locally simultaneously if required.

We use Source Connect Now, Source Connect Pro and Audio TX Communicator which supports all codecs and can transmit and record over IP to other Audio TX users at full 48k PCM uncompressed with an excellent broadband connection, otherwise at MPEG 2 (to 384K) or MPEG 3 (to 320K), which is far superior to standard ISDN, and with no additional call charges.

For sound-to-picture recording, the addition of an in-booth monitor provides playback of digital video files, allowing for total audio-visual synchronisation.

All output is backed up and archived indefinitely at no extra charge to the client.

We provide voiceover recording for a wide range of media applications including:

  • Single / multiple voice recording
  • Commercial / Advertising voice-overs
  • Podcasts
  • TV / Video / Film / Animations
  • Interviews
  • Group discussions
  • ADR / Overdubbing
  • Audio book recording
  • Hypnotherapy CD’s
  • Narrations
  • Audio commentary for DVD
  • Radio drama
  • Computer game speech
  • CD mastering
  • DVD authoring


Voiceover Talent

We can source professional voice-over talent for your project to ensure that you get the right voice to promote your product/service.

Voiceover - Jess Miller

Jess Miller reads his latest book for audio release

They can record at our studio, or we can link up with them over ISDN and we (and you) can direct them remotely from our studio or even from your own location via Phone patch or SKYPE video links with multiple callers.





World class mic's for voiceover recordings

A range of  industry standard world class mic’s

Our Studio

We have 2 voice tracking rooms, both acoustically treated, the larger of which can accommodate up to 6 people comfortably for multiple vocal recording, ideal for recording interviews or discussions. All rooms look onto one another with CCTV links to the control room and using both rooms simultaneously we can achieve total audio separation, ideal for radio plays etc.

We have a range of world class industry standard microphones suitable for voiceovers to choose from to suit the artistes voice.

Our studio has a ‘great feel’ and creates a wonderful relaxed atmosphere for recording which clients often pass comment on. We have a comfortable seating area in the control room, ‘green’ room, kitchen, wireless internet access, refreshments, outdoor area, and free private parking directly outside the door.

We take pride in our high standard of customer service, technical expertise, enthusiasm and friendly rapport with clients.

Remote Session Direction

Voice Tracking / Interview Room

Voice Tracking / Interview Room

Clients generally come to our studio and direct sessions in person. For those unable to attend, you may communicate via ISDN, or we can offer an alternative solution of a telephone patch system providing you with a direct live link to both studio engineer and the voice-over actor.

As communication is two way you can both monitor the session as it progresses and give feedback to the artiste – just as you would if you were present in the studio.

We can also (or instead) set up an audio/visual link via SKYPE so you can see the artiste and communicate from your laptop/computer instead of a phone line.

We can FTP or send master files via file transfer (up to 10GB in one go) immediately after the session has finished.